A book!

Writing a book is a crazy undertaking, one I didn't half-understand until I was already well into it. It required a totally different kind of writing process than what I was used to, a whole new way of thinking about writing and planning. In journalism, it was really a matter of starting each day anew, and revving the engine until you finally got to the end. Then rinse, repeat. The daily writing involved in creating a book was a glaringly different beast, one that required learning a whole new approach and caused me to tackle the process in an entirely different way. To anyone who's done a book before, I'm sure that's not news -- but after 15 years of writing one way, it was fascinating to me to learn that there's this whole other world out there that I'd hardly scratched the surface of. 

I'll be delving into much greater detail on the writing process in the future, and talking about what it takes to create and then sell a book like this -- uh, once I figure out how to do that, I mean. In the meantime, welcome!